Attachments are stripped from outbound messages and replaced with WINMAIL.DAT

 Attachments are Stripped out of E-mails Sent to Lotus Notes users


When you send an e-mail to a recipient on a Lotus Notes system the attachment is stripped from the message and replaced with a file called WINMAIL.DAT. Changing the message to plain text has no effect. 


By default Microsoft Exchange sends external e-mail in Rich Text Format. If the recipients e-mail system cannot read this format the attachment is stripped out and replaced with WINMAIL.DAT.  This issue only affects Lotus Notes systems that have not been patched with the fix to decode the WINMAIL.DAT file. 



 There are two ways to resolve this issue: 

 Change the contact in your Outlook Address Book to force sending in the correct format 

  • Open your Outlook Address 
  • Open the Lotus Notes contact you need to change the message format for. 
  • Right click the e-mail address and select Send Options
  • Tick the box I want to specify the format for messages to this recipient 
  • Select Plain Text/UUEncode and remove the tick from BINHEX
  • Click OK 
  • Create a new message for the recipient and select their address from you address book.    
  • Ask the recipient to apply the patch detailed in the following IBM Knowledge Base Article to their Lotus Notes system



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