Printing very slow when using remote app or Remote Desktop

Printing very slow when using remote app or Remote Desktop



When you try to print a document from your remote desktop or your remote application it can take a long time to bring up the list of printers and then print your document. This happens in every application.



This problem is caused by printers on your local computer that are either offline or no longer used. The easy print system on Windows 2008 will attempt to connect to these printers to obtain their details. With printers that are offline or unavailable on the network this process can take a long time.



From your PC remove any printers that are no longer required. To do this do the following:

1.      Open Control Panel/Printers

2.      Select the printer you want to remove

3.      Right click the printer and select Delete/Remove Device

4.      Repeat steps 1-3 for each printer that you no longer require.



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