Creating a new Outlook 2007 Profile to connect to Exchange 2007

Creating a new Outlook 2007 Profile to connect to Exchange 2007

  New Outlook Profile

1.        Open Control Panel (Start – Control Panel) and open E-Mail option by double clicking the Mail icon.

2.        Click Show Profiles

3.        On the profile screen click Add…

4.        Enter a name for the profile (MYEMAIL) and click OK

5.        This will launch the Auto Account screen complete the fill in the following fields and click Next

a.        Your Name:

b.       E-Mail Address:

c.        Password: (this is the password sent to you in the welcome e-mail)

d.       Retype Password:

6.        Enter your password again if prompted.

7.        When you see the following screen tick the box “Don’t Ask…” and click Allow


8.        After a few seconds you should see the following screen. If you don’t get three green ticks then there is a problem. Please contact the helpdesk on 01282 500318



9.        Click Finish

10.    When you get back to the Profile Screen (see below) select Always use this profile and select the name you entered in step 4 of this process.



11.    Click OK

12.    Launch Outlook and enter your e-mail address and password. Outlook will now connect you to you YourOfficeAnyWhere mailbox and you can begin the import procedure.



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