Limited functionality in Outlook Web Access for Exchange 2007

    Limited functionality in Outlook Web Access for Exchange 2007

    When ever you log into Outlook Web Access you always get the limited version of Outlook Web Access (Light) rather than the full version (Premium). When running OWA light you will be unable to benefit from the following features that are available in the premium version:
      • Spell Checker
      • Reading Pane
      • Notifications and Reminders
      • Weekly Calendar Views
      • HTML Message Format
      • Right Click Options
      • Drag and Drop Items


    Outlook Web Access Light Mode

    Outlook Web Access Premium Mode

    This issue can be caused by one of the following:

    1. Browser Type - To use the full Outlook Web Access Premium you must use Internet Explorer 6.0 or later. If you use any other browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera when you log into OWA you will automatically be given the light version. 

    2. When you logged into Outlook Web Access you ticked the box for OWA Light

    3. You have the low visibility setting enabled within the Accessibility options.

    1. Browser Type - This is pretty self explanatory. Either use Internet Explorer or live with the light version of Outlook Web Access.

    2. When you log into OWA make sure you dont tick the box "Use Outlook Web Access Light"

    3. To check if you have the low vision setting enabled please do the following:



    • Log into Outlook Web Access and open the Options (top right hand corner)
    • Select Accessibility from the menu on the left and ensure the "Use the blind or low vision experience" is unticked.
    • Click Save
    • Close down Outlook Web Access and then log in again and you should now have full access to OWA.



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