Printing Specific Pages of E-Mails in Outlook 2007

Printing Specific Pages of E-Mails using Outlook 2007

Issue: When printing emails in Outlook 2007, the user is not given the option to select specific pages for printing.

Resolution: There two options for resolving this. First option can be carried out by following the steps below:

1.            Printing through Browser View:

  1. Open an E-Mail that needs to be printed.
  2. Select Actions as show below:

      3.   From the option in the Actions drop down list, select ‘Open in Browser Mode’

     4.   A browser window will then open, displaying the content of the email. To print this, select ‘File’, then ‘Print’.

     5.   Select a page that needs to be printed and then select ‘Print’.


2.      Service Pack 2:

The second option is to download and install Service Pack 2 for Microsoft Outlook 2007, as this includes the functionality to print specific pages within emails. MS Outlook Service Pack 2 is available for download on Microsoft’s website. 



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