Configuring Your YOA Exchange Mailbox On Your Android Device (Android2.3)

Configuring Your YOA Exchange Mailbox On Your Android Device (Android2.3)



From the main menu on an Android phone, select "Settings". From here, the "Accounts & Sync Settings" screen will need to be entered. Once there, "Add Account" must be selected.

When on this screen,  the type of account that needs adding can be selected. In this case, the "Corporate" option must be selected. 

This screen will ask for an email address and password. This will be the email address that needs configuring, and the password used in order to access it. 

If the email account has not been automatically set up at this point, you will need to follow these steps...

From this screen, a "Domain\Username" needs to be entered. In this case, the domain will be "yoa" followed by a "\" and the username we will have provided.

This screen will also require a password. This will be the same password that was required in the first screen.  

Following that step, a server will also need to be provided. In this case, the server name that needs to be input is "".

Tick the "Use secure connection (SSL)" box also. 

Having followed these steps, a required email account will be successfully configured on an Android Device.  




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