Submitting a new helpdesk ticket

Submitting a New Helpdesk Ticket

Dear Customer,

As part of our continued development to improve the service we deliver we have implemented a new support system. The system comprises a continually expanding knowledgebase that contains answers to the most common issue our customers face and a system for submitting new support requests.  You can access both these systems at the following URL

Knowledge Base

The knowledge base contains answer to all the common issues such as how to change your password or how to download the latest version of Outlook. When you click View FAQ/Search Knowledgebase you a redirected to the knowledge base site. From here you can browse articles or search for a specific article. This should be your first stop if you have a problem with your service or have a technical question. If the answer to your problem can not be found in the knowledgebase then you should submit a support ticket.

Support Requests

The support request system is a ticket based system that is used for submitting and tracking customer problems/requests. This service has been implemented to ensure that when you the customer ask us something we can make sure your request gets a response within an acceptable time frame. When you submit a support a request you a given a ticket. This ticket is assigned a unique number that is used for tracking purposes. This ticket is then assigned to one of our help desk staff who will then either process the ticket themselves or if required pass the ticket onto our 1st or 2nd line support. Once the request/issue has been resolved the ticket is closed and you are notified.  The following give an overview on how to use the system:

There are two ways to generate a new support request:


1.        Via E-Mail

Simply send an e-mail to and a ticket will be automatically generated for you. Please remember to leave contact details.

2.        Via the online support site

Create a new support request:

This is used when you wish to raise a new issue/request. When you click on the link at you are presented with the Submit a Ticket screen.

  1. Enter your e-mail address. This is the address that will be used for all correspondence to the ticket
  2. Select who should receive the ticket (Helpdesk is the default)
  3. Select the issue type (This is used internally to ensure the ticked is redirected to the correct person)
  4. Enter the verification code that is displayed on screen.
  5. Enter the subject of your query

6.        If you have any screen shots of the problem then these can be included in the ticket by click the Browse button followed by clicking Upload File

7.        Include a detailed description of the problem along with your contact details.

8.        Click Send at the top of the screen.

Once you have clicked send the ticket will be entered into our system and you will receive an e-mail from . The subject of the ticket contains your unique reference number e.g. [225-0F1E17F9-D01E]. This should be used in all correspondence. If you wish to update/close your ticket you can reply to the initial e-mail. These replies will automatically be added to your support request.

View Existing/Outstanding support request.

If you wish to view all of your current support requests you can do so by clicking the link at

At the View a Ticket page you need to enter your unique ticket number including the brackets that was sent to your email address and also enter your e-mail address.  When you click View Ticket you can either update the ticket or close it.

View All Tickets

This option allows you to view all tickets that you have raised on our system. This is also useful if you wish to update or check on the progress of an outstanding ticket and don’t have the original ticket number to hand. When you click Send all support requests you need to enter your e-mail address and click Get Tickets. You will then receive an e-mail containing all of your recent support requests.



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