How Restore Sage Reports And Layouts

How To Restore Sage Reports And Layouts

The Sage 50 Accounts 2008 and above and Sage Instant Account v14 and above installation CDs include reports only and layouts only backups. These contain the new and updated reports and layouts. You may need to restore these backups for a number of reasons. For example...

  • You have a multi-company version of Sage 50 Accounts and you have found that some of your companies contain no layouts.
Note: These backups contain standard Sage reports and layouts only. If you have custom layouts, you must save these into your companies individually.
  • You have upgraded to Sage 50 Accounts or Sage Instant Accounts v14 or above and have Use Data Path for Report selected in Company > Preferences. To upgrade your reports and layouts, you must restore the reports and layouts backups.

This article explains how to restore the reports and/or layouts backup from the installation CD.

Note: Restoring these backups overwrites any existing reports or layouts with the same files name as the stanard Sage reports. If saved with a new file name, custom reports or layouts are not affected. If you amend any reports or layouts and saved them with their original file name, before restoring these backups you should take a copy of your Reports folder. This means you can copy back any reports or layouts you require. 

How to restore reports or layouts backups...

Note: Before you restore the reports or layouts backup, we recommend you take an all files backup. To take a backup, open the File menu and choose Backup. Follow the on-screen instructions, ensuring that in the Advanced Options window, the Select all file types to include in backup check box is selected, then click OK

1. To restore the reports or layouts backup, open the Sage Accounts company into which you want to place the new reports and/or layouts, then insert the installation CD in the CD drive.
    The Welcome window appears. 

2. From the Welcome window, click Quit, then when prompted to quite the CD, click Yes.
    The Welcome window closes.

3. In Sage Accounts, open the File menu then choose Restore.
    The Restore Company window appears.

4. Click Browse and in the Look in box, choose your CD drive. For example, D:\.
    The contents of the CD appear.

5. From the contents of the CD, double-click the Support folder then double-click the Backups folder. 
    The contents of the Backups folder appear. 

6. Within the Backups folderm select Reports Only Backup.001, or Layouts Only Backup.001 as required. Click Open, click OK, then when prompted, click Yes.
    Note: These backups contain report files or layout files onlym and do not overwrite existing data.

    The Restore window displays the progress, then an information window confirms that the restore has been successful. 

7. To continue, click OK, enter your usual login details in the boxes provided, then click OK

     Tip: If required, repeat steps 1 to 7 to restore the remaining reports or layouts backup.
             Your Sage Accounts desktop appears and all standard Sage reports or layouts are now available in this company.

You have now restored the reports and/or layouts backup from the installation CD.    

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