FAQ - Your Office Anywhere Standard Backup Policy

 Your Office Anywhere Standard Backup Policy

The following describes the standard backup policy for customers on the platform:-

Data Backup

Documents that are stored on the S: drive are backed up 3 times per day (week days). Copies of which are retained for 20 days.

Customer Server Backup

Customer servers are backed up once a week with 2 copies being retained. (Non-volatile data on servers it is just the O/S).

Please inform the helpdesk if there are specific areas of the server that need to be backed up each day (e.g. the server contains local documents for example that can’t be stored on the s:\drive) which will be backed up and retained for 20 days

SQL Server Databases

SQL Server Databases are backed up daily. Copies are retained for 1 week.

Microsoft Exchange

All Exchange servers are backed up daily.  Items in Recover Deleted Items are retained for 30 days.

We can provide specific backup requirements for customers please provide your requirements and ask for a quote



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