Excel loses "File locked for editing" when accessing data on network drive mapped via group policy


 Excel Loses "File locked for editing" when Accessing Data on a Network Drive Mapped via Group Policy
In normal conditions when a user opens a spreadsheet in Excel it is protected against editing by other users. If another user tries to open the file they receive a message saying the file is "locked for editing by user Joe Bloggs"
We have observed an issue whereby the temporary lock file that controls file editing disappears thus allowing users to open the file in edit mode even when it is already being edited by another user. Subsequent saving of the document by the users results in data loss.
The issue occurs when the data is located on network drive mapped by group policy. The periodic group policy refresh causes a momentary disconnect of the drive during which time the temporary lock file disappears.
This behavior was first observed on Windows 8 / Windows 2012 clients that have user targeted drive maps assigned by group policy.
The issue can be resolved by changing the action field in the group policy settings from Replace to Update. By using the Update setting the drive is not disconnected during group policy refresh and the lock file does not disappear.



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