Receiving Spam Email

Receiving Spam Email
We use a modern, enterprise grade anti-virus and anti-spam system on our network which is constantly updated.  Furthermore, we routinely check that the solution we are using is up to par with the available competition to make sure that we are providing the best solution. Unfortunately, due to the fact that the people who send spam e-mail are constantly evolving their methods to circumvent such systems it is inevitable that every once in a while a new method will be found and spam levels will temporarily increase while the prevention systems catch up.   This is usually only for a short period of time after which levels will return to normal.
Unfortunately, spam messages are very difficult to distinguish from legitimate ones and while we do our best there will always be one or two that make it through.  The only way to stop every spam message would be to make the filtering so aggressive that many legitimate messages would end up in the spam folder as well.  Based on feedback from our customers and trials we have done in the past users opted universally to accept a few spam messages rather than risk missing an important message or document.
If you feel that you are receiving more spam for more than a week or two or if any kind of malicious files have been let through our systems then please notify us immediately, otherwise please bear with the situation while the anti-spam system are updated.

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