Redirected Folder - Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac


Setting Up Redirected Folders within the RDC Client for Mac
The steps below will guide you through adding redirected folders within Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac.
*Note* If you are using Remote Resources within the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac, the Home folder on your Mac is redirected by default, and this cannot be changed. 
1.   To start, go to the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client application, highlight the server you'd like to set up a redirected folder for, and then select Edit.
2.    From the new window that will open, select Redirection at the top. Ensure the Enable folder redirection tickbox is selected and then click the + button at the bottom of the window.
3.   From the small window that will open, click the drop-down next to Path and then select Browse...
4.   From here, select the folder on the Mac that needs redirecting to the server. Once the location has been chosen, click Choose.



5.    The previous windows will return. Click OK and close the previous window to return to the main Remote Desktop menu.



6.    Launch the server as normal, and the redirected folder should now appear within Computer and other applications.



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