Preventing Outlook Filling up Your Disk With Old E-Mail Messages

 Preventing Outlook Filling up Your Disk With Old E-Mail Messages

When you are running Outlook on Your Office Anywhere’s remote desktop servers you may typically want to have access to old email messages that are in your Inbox, folders off your inbox, Sent Items or even Deleted Items.

You can, if you wish, have a complete copy of your whole email mailbox available in Outlook.  However, if you are using a third party email provider such as Microsoft 365 Exchange Online then these messages are stored in your Outlook profile on the remote desktop server, in an .ost file.   This is known as running Outlook in “cached mode”

Of course, if your mailbox is 10GB big then you will use at least 10GB of disk space on the remote desktop server.  The same will apply to all your colleagues.   Adding additional disk space to the server for these profiles will result in additional costs.

To reduce the amount of space required for your Outlook profile you can adjust the age of emails that you want to keep (cache) on the server, perhaps just keeping the last 1 or 3 months’ worth of messages.   The older messages are not lost and they can be retrieved on demand if needed.

To adjust this cache please follow these instructions below – based on Outlook 2019, but very similar for 2016 and 2013:

Open Outlook and click the File menu

Then, on the Info section Click the Accounts Settings icon and then choose the Accounts Settings… option from the drop down menu

On the Email tab select your account in the Name pane and then click the Change button.

Adjust the Mail to keep offline slider from All down to something like 1 month or 3 months

Then click Next then click Finish

Then Click Close



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