YOA Mailbox Setup On An iPhone

YOA Mailbox Setup on an iPhone

Mailboxes created and supplied by YOA can easily be configured for use with the Mail application on an iPhone. The Mail application on an iPhone is the default email client for Apple devices. 

1. Browse to Settings and scroll down to Mail.

2. Select Accounts.

3. Select the Add Account option.

4. Select the Microsoft Exchange option.

5. Type in the email address provided by YOA. An optional mailbox description can also be added at this point in the setup process. Select Next.

6. Select the option to Sign In.

7. Type in the YOA mailbox password and select Next.

If the YOA mailbox settings resolve automatically, skip to Step 9.

8. Type in the following server address, and re-input the mailbox password. Select Next to resolve the mailbox settings.

Server - mail.yourofficeanywhere.co.uk

9. If successful, blue ticks will appear to the right side of the email account settings. 

10. Flip the sliders to on or off, depending on the mailbox items that need synchronising with the iPhone. Select Save to apply these settings. 

11. Open the Mail application to see email synchronising with the iPhone.

YOA Mailbox Setup On An iPhone step-by-step video tutorial