YOA Mailbox Setup in Outlook

YOA Mailbox Setup in Outlook

Recent versions of Outlook rely on autodiscover to resolve server settings, so mailboxes can be configured easily to send and receive email. 

1. Open Outlook and type in a valid YOA mailbox email address. Click Connect.

If the mailbox resolves server settings immediately, skip to Step #4.

Mailbox details and credential reminders can be provided by the YOA Helpdesk.

2. Select Exchange from the list of Advanced setup options.

3. Outlook will run through the process of automatically finding the mailbox server settings. 

4. When prompted, type in the password for the mailbox and ensure that the Remember my credentials option has been selected.

5. Once successfully authenticated and added, click Done to apply these changes and completed the setup process. 

If this mailbox needs configuring within the Outlook Mobile application too, selecting the Set up Outlook Mobile on my phone, too option will automatically open the online Microsoft guide and application download assistance.

6. Once the profile has loaded successfully, email will start being synchronised and displayed.