Configuring an RDP File for a YOA Server

Configuring an RDP File for a YOA Server

Remote Desktop Connection (mstsc.exe) comes pre-installed on every Windows PC, and can be used to create an RDP file for connecting to a YOA server. The RDP file can be stored on any Windows PC, pre-configured with settings for a YOA server, and accessed at any time. 

1. Open Remote Desktop Connection, by searching in the Windows Start Menu. 

The Remote Desktop Connection application can also be searched for by it's executable name; mstsc.exe.

2. Type in the YOA server name into the Computer: field. 

If not known, a YOA server name can be provided by the YOA Helpdesk.

3. If the PC has additional screens connected, the remote desktop can be set to use all monitors by selecting the Display tab, and selecting the Use all my monitors for the remote session option. 

4. Printers configured on the PC can be redirected for use with the remote desktop by going to the Local Resources tab and selecting the Printers option. 

5. To configure the required gateway, select the Advanced tab, and then Settings... 

6. Select the Use these RD Gateway server settings: option, and type in the gateway server address below. Ensure that Use my RD Gateway credentials for the remote computer option is selected, before clicking OK to apply these changes.

7. Go back to the General tab, and click Save As... to save an RDP file containing these YOA server settings, and select a location from which the remote desktop is to be accessed. Click Save.

RDP files for YOA servers are often saved to the Desktop for ease of access when logging in. 

8. Double-click the newly created RDP file to sign into the YOA server. Type in valid YOA server account credentials and click OK.

A certificate warning may pop up when signing in for the first time. Select the Don't ask me again for connections to this computer option and click Connect to prevent it appearing each time

9. Once singed in successfully, all available application shortcuts will appear on the remote desktop.