Redirect Local Folders Via The Microsoft Remote Desktop App For Mac

Redirecting Local Mac Folders to the Remote Desktop
Local folders on a Mac can be setup to be redirected for use on the Remote Desktop via the Remote Desktop Connection Client application. These redirected drives appear as network drive within File Explorer on the Remote Desktop.

1Open the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client application, right-click on the remote desktop connection that requires the redirected local folders, and click Edit.

2. Select the Folders tab. Ensure the Redirect folders tickbox is selected and then click the button at the bottom of the window.

3. Select the folder on the Mac that needs redirecting to the server. Once the location has been chosen, click Open.

4. Click Save to apply these changes. 

Ensure the Read only tick box is not selected to allow files to be saved, created, etc, in the redirected location whilst logged onto the Remote Desktop.

5. Log on to the Remote Desktop, and go to File Explorer. The redirect folders will appear under This PC