Changing your Name Servers to Your Office Anywhere

 Changing your Name Servers to Your Office Anywhere

What are Name Servers ?

A name server is a server that returns an   IP address   when given a   domain name   . This IP address is basically the domain's location on the Internet. 

Sometimes name servers are referred as   DNS   servers (and vice versa) because they essentially perform the same function; when given a domain name, they return the IP address for that domain. 

The difference is that with DNS, the domain owner will be setting the IP addresses to your domain and your mail server(s).  If you are using name servers obtained from your web host, you're using your web host's servers, and they typically set up the IP addresses for you. 

Changing the Name Servers to Your Office Anywhere

You can change your nameservers over to Your Office Anywhere at any time. To do this you need to inform your current ISP that you wish to change the nameservers on your domain to the following:


Before making this change you should first let us know that you are going to be doing this so we can setup your domain on our servers. You should also make a note of any records that have been created in your DNS zone. eg. If we dont create these records for you before you change the nameservers then your sites will be inaccessable.

If you have any services with another provider then we recommend that you keep your name servers as they are otherwise you may lose access to certain features such as your webiste control panel.

If you would like to change your namesservers to YourOfficeAnyWhere please send an e-mail to



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