How to upload Sage through Terminal Services

 How to Upload Sage through Terminal Services

The following procedure documents how to load your Sage data onto the Your Office Anywhere hosted desktop.

1.Create a new directory on the C:\ drive, by opening “Computer” or “My Computer” then selecting the “Local Disk C:” drive and then right clicking on the list, selecting New > Folder from the right-click menu. There should then be a new folder on the C: drive as follows: C:\SageBackup.

2.Backup your local copy of Sage, as you would normally, by going to "File" > "Backup" within Sage itself. Then when prompted, set the backup location to: C:\SageBackup on your local PC. Then call the backup file itself: SageBackup.001

3.Right-click on the RDP file that you have received from your technical contact that is used to connect to Sage, and select ‘Edit’.

4.Select the ‘Local Resources’ tab, then select the ‘More …’ button  and ensure that the ‘Drives’ option is ticked.

5.Select the ‘General’ tab and save the connection settings. Then select ‘Connect’.

 6.Once connected, open Sage and log in. 
(Please note: If you have a Network version of Sage or Multi user to log on, you will need to log in with the Manager account with no password to access the system.)

7.Once Sage is open, select “File” >” Restore” and then select “Yes” to any confirmation screens.

 8.In the restore window, set the file name to the following, where sageback.001 is the name of the file that was backed up locally in step 2: 

 9.Select “OK”. The restore process will then begin. This may take some time to complete, based on the speed and quality of your internet connection.

If the restore fails, you may see the following messages:

a.       “The selected file does not exist” – Please check the name of the file that you have provided with the name of the file that you saved locally.

b.      “Local disks have not been presented” – Please refer to steps 3-5.

c.       “The path is incorrect” – Please check the file path that you have provided in the ‘Restore’ window.


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