Using a Blackberry device with your YourOfficeAnyWhere Exchange Mailbox


Using a Blackberry device with your YourOfficeAnyWhere Exchange Mailbox

There are two ways in which you can use a Blackberry device with a YourOfficeAnyWhere Exchange Mailbox.

1. Using the YourOfficeAnyWhere Blackberry Enterprise Server

This service is provided by YourOfficeAnyWhere and provide real time synchronization of E-Mail, Contacts, Tasks and Calendar appointments. If you wish to use this service please contact There is activation cost and a monthly subscription to use this service that is payable to YourOfficeAnyWhere. In order for us to activate this service with your Blackberry device you need to contact your mobile carrier and ask them to activate your Blackberry device on the Blackberry network so you can use a Blackberry Enterprise Server on your corporate network.  Once your device has been activated on the Blackberry network you will receive a TXT message from Blackberry. We cannot activate your account until you receive this TXT.


Setting up your device:

  1. Open the Setup menu
  2. Open the Setup Wizard
  3. Open E-Mail Setup
  4. Select I want to use a work e-mail account with a Blackberry Enterprise Server
  5. Select Yes when asked about an activation password being provided
  6. Fill out the following fields:
  • E-Mail: your e-mail address
  • Password: activation password (this will be sent to your e-mail address)
  • Activation Server Address: <blank>
 Resetting (Wiping) the Blackberry to Factory Defaults

In some cases it might be necessary to reset your device back to the factory settings.  When you do this all data on the device is cleared including files, music, images.

 To reset the device do the following: Options > Security Options > General Settings > (click menu) Wipe Handheld
At this point the device will reset itself which takes a couple of mintues. Once its completed you can re-activate the device using the procedure detailed in this article

 2. Using the Blackberry Internet Service offering from your mobile carrier

This service is provided by your mobile carrier who will usually charge you for this service. With this service you can configure your Blackberry to pick up e-mail but it does not synchronize with your Exchange mailbox. To configure you Blackberry you have to provide the address of our Outlook Web Access server which is   

The following process is given as guidance to get this working with YourOfficeAnyWhere

1. Connect to the BlackBerry Internet Service website and log in to your BlackBerry account.
2. On the navigation bar, click Profile.
3. Under Email Accounts, click the hyperlink other email accounts.
4. Click Add Account.
5. Type the email address, user name, and password in the appropriate fields and click Submit.
6. Under Microsoft Outlook/Exchange, select the option for I can access my mailbox using a Web browser (Outlook Web Access).
7. Click Submit.
8. In the Outlook Web Access URL field, type the OWA account URL.
9. In the Mailbox Name field, type the Mailbox name for your OWA account.
10. Verify that your email address, user name, and password are correct.
11. Select the Leave messages on mail server check box.
12. Click Submit.



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