Password requirements for YourOfficeAnyWhere

 Password Requirements for YourOfficeAnyWhere

All our systems require a password to access them. When your account is created your Primary Technical Contact will have had these details sent to them. If you wish to change your password it must meet the following requirements:

  • Must contain at least 7 characters
  • Must contain at least one UPPERCASE character
  • Must contain 1 numeric Character
  •  Cannot contain your name
  •  Cannot be the same as any previously used password
  •  Can only be changed once a day
  •  Passwords cannot include spaces

Examples of Complex Passwords 

  • MyPassword1#
  • MyP4ssw0rd1#
  • P4ulM0n4gh4n@
  • June161968#

Password Tips 

The best technique for creating complex passwords that are easier to remember is to use data structures that we are accustomed to remembering. Such structures also make it easy to include punctuation characters in the password, as in the example used above. Other data structures that are easy to remember are phone numbers, addresses, names, file paths, etc. Consider also that certain elements make things more memorable for us. For example, patterns, repetition, rhymes, humor, and even offensive words all make passwords that we will never forget. 



Your Office Anywhere offer a range of Cloud Computing services centred around our Hosted Remote Desktop platform; paid monthly and per user, hosted desktops enable access to core business applications from anywhere and on any device.
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