Configuring a Windows Mobile Device to Connect to YourOfficeAnyWhere

Configuring Your Windows Mobile 6 Device to Connect to YourOfficeAnywhere

If you have purchased a fully functional Exchange Mailbox (Not POP3 or Web Access Only) then you can connect any Windows Mobile 6 device to your mailbox. Windows Mobile 6 allows you to synchronise your:

·         E-Mail

·         Calendar

·         Contacts

·         Tasks

If your device has been used with another provider or with our legacy Exchange system follow the process from Migrating Your Device to YourOfficeAnyWhere. If you have a brand new un-configured device do the following.

Setting Up a New Device

1.        Press Start and launch Active Sync

2.        Press Menu and Add Server Source

3.        In the Server Address enter

4.        Tick This server requires an encrypted (SSL) connection

5.        Press Next

6.        Enter your e-mail address as your username (NB on some devices you will have to use your Windows username. It is probably firstname.surname but contact us if you are unsure)

7.        Enter your e-mail password in the Password field

7a.   Enter YOA in the domain field if required 

8.        Press Next

9.        Press Finish

10.    You will receive the following message “Exchange Server must enforce security policies on your device to continue synchronising. Do you wish to continue”

11.    Press OK

Your device will now synchronise with our Exchange server. This process can take some time if you have a large mailbox.


Migrating Your Device to YourOfficeAnyWhere

The following process will remove any connections and create a new connection to your YourOfficeAnyWhere mailbox.

1.        Press Start and launch Active Sync

2.        Press Menu and Options

3.        Press Menu and Delete

4.        When you receive the Alert press Yes

5.        When this process has finished go the steps above for setting up a new device.


Synchronising Outlook Folders with Active Sync

By default Active Sync will only synchronise your top level Outlook folders. To synchronise sub folders you need to do the following.

1.        Open your Inbox

2.        Press Menu and Folders

3.        Press Menu and Manage Folders (this will display the entire folder structure of your inbox)

4.        Select the folder you wish to synchronise and press Sync (you will see the green active sync icon over the folder)

5.        When you have selected all the folders you wish to synchronise press Done




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