FAQ - Your Office Anywhere Data Centre Resilience and Disaster Recovery.


FAQ Your Office Anywhere Data Centre Resilience and Disaster Recovery.


Obviously you want to know what resilience is built into our systems, so here we have a FAQ sheet that describes this in the highly unlikely event of an issue at the YOA Data Centre.



Q. What resilience/security is available at the Data Centre? 


A. The data centre is manned by security 24 hours a day and access is only allowed with an ID card or by pre authorisation by a member of the authorised YOA team. The building has UPS battery backups and also diesel generator backups to keep the Data Centre running in case of power failure. 


Q. How is resilience ensured at the internet network level? 


A. Multiple providers provide internet services into both our data centres. We can provide you with a PDF document of this. 


Q. How is resilience ensured at the DMZ level? 

A. YOA has two separate firewalls so that should one firewall fail the other can be used to service the traffic until the other firewall is replaced. There is a 3rd firewall at Data Centre 2. 


Q. What about power failure at the server level? 


A. For specific key servers and ApplicationsAnywhere servers there are dual power supplies which are connected to distinct power rings in the Data Centre. 


Q. How is resilience ensured on the internal network? 


A. All systems that are identified as key to the infrastructure have multiple network cards and these are patched into separate network switches. 


Q. What resilience is there at the actual Data Centre level? 


A. YOA operates key services out of two data centres. Data centre 1 hosts the majority of servers – email, database and terminal services. Data centre 2 houses an additional backup server (for copies of backups), domain controllers, DNS Servers and a firewall to ensure that key services are available in the case of an absolute disaster at Data Centre 1. Data Centre 2 is available to customers also to provide business continuity of services should Data Centre 1 fail completely. We can provide a PDF document of the infrastructure deployed. 


Q. How is logon ensured to YourOfficeAnywhere? 


A. YOA has multiple Windows Domain Controllers at both locations 


Q. DNS. How can you ensure you can find “me” or connect to what I need to in the Data Centre via the Internet? 


A. YOA has multiple DNS servers that do this, and these are located in both Data Centres. 


Q. What about backups if Data Centre 1 burns down? 


A. Backups from Data Centre 1 are replicated immediately to Data Centre 2 ensuring that your data is safe if Data Centre 1 burns down. 


Q. How can I ensure that I have access to applications if Data Centre 1 is not available? 


A. You can request for business continuity services from YOA who will be more than happy to provide you with a cost for this additional service. 


Q. What happens if my ApplicationsAnywhere server fails e.g. server won't boot blue screen of death?  


A. We have SLA’s where we will attempt to resolve these issues in a given time period – please review your SLA and T&C documents. 


Q. What would happen if my physical server fails in the Data Centre?

A. The ApplicationsAnywhere solution (remote desktop/cloud desktops) are housed on a HYPER-V cluster containing up to 16 physical servers. Should a physical server fail, the ApplicationsAnywhere server running on that hardware will fail over onto available resource on another server automatically and bring the system back up. Each server has redundant power, dual quad core processors and 96GB memory using Dell Enterprise Server hardware.


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