FAQ Offsite Backup Solution Disk to Disk Backup Solution

FAQ Offsite Backup Solution Disk to Disk Backup Solution

FAQ Off Site Backup Solution. Backup to Our Data Centre Every Night

Q: How is the backup charged for is this? On the amount of data transferred or backed up or something else?

A: The service is charged per gigabyte of data stored on disk in the data centre. The backup solution will compresses files in our data centre, so if you have 10GB of data which achieves 2:1 compression you would pay a per GB charge based on 5GB.

Q: But you charge monthly – how does this work?

A: You will receive regular updates on the average disk utilisation over the month and this is what you will be charged on – i.e. not the minimum or maximum but the average across any one month.

Q: Why should I use an offsite backup solution?

A: Many companies take backups of their data to tape but very few companies take the tapes out of the drives and move them to a fire safe or off site. If the server is stolen often the backup tape is stolen with it, similarly if there is a fire or flood.

Q: Won’t the backup take too long we have “loads” of data?

A: The software we use is very intelligent. For example say you change one sentence or paragraph in a 10MB document, normally a backup solution would see that as a change and backup the whole file – 10mb. Our solution recognises the block that has changed and then backs this up which will only be a matter of K bytes. You can specify how many block changes occur before a full backup of the whole file is taken. Typically the rate of change of data on a server is only around 3%.

Q: We have lots of data to backup how will you do this initially?

A.: We will look at the amount of data, the size of the internet connection and work out if we could backup this amount of data over the internet connection over a weekend for example. If not we will come to site and “seed” the data to a large portable disk. We will then transport this data to our data centre, copy it to the backup servers and then start backing up the changes from this point forward.

Q: I don’t have a server but I do have lots of data on a PC can you back this up?

A: Yes we can backup most devices, Windows Server, Windows PC’s and even Apple Macintoshes.

Q: How long do you retain backups for?

A: You can specify the retention period for a backup as follows:- either for N number of backup jobs or for N Number of days

Q: OK so I can specify the retention period but I want a different retention period on my more important data can you do this?

A: In this case you would specify one backup job that performs the backup of all your normal data with its retention period, and a second backup job for your very important data with a longer retention period. Note that the longer the retention period, the more disk consumed and the increased cost of this.

Q: I like the thought of having my data secure and off site, but a lot of the files are large and could take some time to recover should I need to do this if I have lost a couple of files in error which isn’t acceptable?

A: The software we use has an option to use an alternate location for backups as well. This isn’t compulsory but if you have another device, the software will backup data to this device as well as our data centre, ensuring that recoveries of files can also be done at LAN rather than broadband speed.

Q: So you can backup my PC but I switch this off at night how would you back this up?

A: In this scenario we will liaise with the customer to work out the best time to back the device up, typically this is over lunch time or at 10:00 am or 16:00 pm.

Q: How do I know what was backed up and if it was successful?

A: The backup solution will email designated email addresses the results of the backup on a daily basis.

Q: What if the backup fails?

A: Depending on how it is setup you should look at the information sent in the report to see why it has failed, contact your reseller or IT provider to resolve the issue if they are managing this for you.

Q: I need to take a scheduled backup immediately for some reason can I do this?

A: Yes

Q: Can I add and remove folders from the backup job myself?

A: Yes. Usually it is best if you have a top level folder that you backup and all sub folders – if you create a new directory under here it will automatically be backed up without having to remember to add this to the backup schedule.

Q: How do I purchase the solution?

A: Please contact sales@yourofficeanywhere.co.uk if you are an IT reseller you can purchase direct, if you are an end user we have an agreement with a third party solution provider who will provide you with the backup solution.


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