FAQ - Please can you explain the costings on the quote to me what are all the part numbers and which do I need

FAQ - Please can you explain the costings on the quote to me, what are all the part numbers and which do I need?

The following information describes what components (typically) you will need to purchase for our hosted solution and what these are for

Window CAL - A "CAL" is Client Access License and Microsoft require a Windows CAL if you are connecting to any server in our Data Centre. You can connect to as many servers and services as you wish however in most cases you will require one of these CAL's.

Terminal CAL - Microsoft require one of these if you plan to run an application in Terminal Services in our Data Centre.You can connect to as many Terminal Servers you wish however in all cases you will require one of these CAL's to run a hosted application e.g. Sage, Office Visio Project.

Exchange CAL - Microsoft require one of these licenses to access a Microsoft Exchange Server. With a Full Exchange CAL you will receive the latest version of Outlook as part of this and can upgrade to new releases of Outlook for the duration of your hosted exchange solution with Your Office Anywhere. We include (typically) with this CAL 2GB of mail storage, access to Outlook Web Access and Access via Windows Mobile Devices (smart phones, Apple iPhones etc.)

SQL CAL - Microsoft require one of these licenses to access a SQL Server Database. If your application requires a SQL Server and you wish to use our dedicated SQL Server hardware you will require a SQL Server CAL for each user that runs the application that accesses SQL server.

Office CAL - Microsoft requires an Office CAL to run the various versions of Office in our Hosted Environment. Typically a user will choose Word, Excel and Outlook (Office Standard), however we are able to provide any combination of Office - Standard, Professional etc. Note that if you only require Word, or Excel, or Powerpoint, or Outlook or Access, we can provide a CAL for individual office applications and therefore you may not need to license the whole office suite if you do not need the full office suite.

Sharepoint CAL - Microsoft require a Sharepoint CAL to access Microsoft Sharepoint. Typically we will provide 1GB of storage with each Sharepoint CAL which is aggregated across the whole company. So for example if you have 9 users who wish to access documents in Microsoft Sharepoint you would require 9 CAL's and would receive 9GB of disk space for your document management system.

TS Processor Use or Terminal Server Processor use. For each application that runs on our terminal server as a hosted application e.g. Sage, Office or Line of Business Application, this application requires processing power, memory and disk resources on the server. We charge a Processor Usage fee for this and this is typically charged per application. Some applications such as Office which contains multiple applications we charge only 1 processor usage license but most processor usage licenses are charged on a "one application one processor usage license" basis.

Live Meeting CAL - Live meeting is charged based on whether the delegates are internal company members or external company members and there are two prices depending on the live meeting solution chosen. If the meeting is for external users you will need to purchase an External Live Meeting Pro or Standard License plus a license for each and every internal company user who will attend the live meetings.

Blackberry CAL - This is the license we have to pay to RIM for hosting Blackberry each month

SetupFee - Typically for a terminal server a one off fee paid for provisioning the server. We also charge a setup fee for BlackBerry accounts and again this is a one off fee however is charged for each BlackBerry device we activate and this cost is passed on to RIM.

Disk Space - Additional Disk space can be purchased per 1GB of storage. Please ask for current pricing.



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