Connecting to your terminal using Internet Explorer

Connecting to your terminal using Internet Explorer

Pre Requisites

To provide our customers with a more secure environment to connect to their terminal we have recently implemented a new product called Terminal Server Web Access. This is a new feature of Windows 2008 and allows you to connect to your terminal without having to open any other ports on your firewall. Using this method all data sent between your computer and our system is encrypted using a SSL certificate. To use this feature your computer must meet one of the following requirements:

·          Windows Vista

·         Windows XP SP3

·         Windows XP SP2 + Remote Desktop Connection 6.1

If you do not know what service pack you have installed on your Windows XP computer please review the following article

If you have Windows XP Service Pack 2 installed then you need to install the latest version of the remote desktop client. This is available from Microsoft

If you have an earlier service pack installed then you need to install the latest service pack from Microsoft  

Connecting to your terminal

Once you have met all the pre requisites you can connect to your terminal. The following processes details the steps:

1.       Open Internet Explorer and browse to the following address

2.       You should see the following screen. Enter your username and password and click Sign In


WebApps Log in Page

3.       If you are prompted to install an ActiveX component accept the installation.

4.       At the TS Web Access screen click Remote Desktop and enter the name of your terminal. If you do not have this information then please speak to your primary technical contact or submit a ticket to the helpdesk

5.       Select the display resolution for your terminal (The default is full screen)


Available applications

6.       Click the Connect button. If you see the following warning click Connect again.



7.       In the next dialog box enter your username and password again and click OK.



8.       At this point you will be automatically connected to your terminal and presented with your desktop/application.



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