How do I install software on a Windows terminal server 2008 or 2003

How do I install software on a Windows terminal server 2008 or 2003

Windows 2008

To ensure that an application is installed correctly to work in a multiple user environment, the Terminal Server must be switched into Install mode before applications are installed on the server.


A Terminal Server canbe placed into Install mode using one of the following methods (option 1 is easiest and preferred):


1. Using the Install Application on Terminal Server tool in Control Panel\Programs.

This tool will automatically put terminal server into execute mode when the application installation is complete.


 2. Run Change user /install from command prompt to place the server into Install mode and install the application. After installing the application, use the Change user /executecommand (or restart the server) to place the server back into Execute mode before using the application.

Windows 2003

Installing applications on a Windows 2003 terminal server has to be done in a special way to ensure it is usable by all users of the terminal server.

There are two modes in terminal server, Execute and Install. By default all users are logged on in Execute mode and this means they can run programs etc. When you want to install an Application for use by everyone the Administrator should change to Install mode.

The best way to install software is to use the Add/Remove programs control panel applet as this will automatically set the mode to Install during the installation and then back to Execute at the end.

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