Unable to use the Terminal Server Gateway/Remote Desktop Web Connection using Firefox web browser

Unable to use the Terminal Server Gateway/Remote Desktop Web Connection using Firefox

When trying to access https://webapps.yourofficeanywhere.co.uk/ in Firefox you recieve the following error:

Browser Not Supported
This Web browser is not supported by TS Web Access. TS Web Access requires Internet Explorer 6.0 or later.

Although Firefox is not supported if it is your preferred browser you can use the following Firefox Add-On to get around the issue:

The Add-On allows you to render specific tabs in Firefox using the Internet Explorer engine meaning that you can have the functionality of IE without having to open up a separate browser for specific sites.

Once the Add-On is installed go to the TSG page and right-click on Firefox logo that is now displayed at the botto-right of your Firefox window.  This will bring up a dialogue box with the address of the Gateway already filled in.  Simply press 'Add' and 'OK' and the page will reload, you are now viewing the page in IE and will do so every time you visit it; the Firefox icon you clicked should now be an Internet Explorer icon.

This will also work for any other pages that do not support Firefox.  If you wish to test the IE mode on a page without storing the address simply left click the Firefox icon to toggle to IE mode and left click the IE icon it changes to to revert to standard Firefox mode.

Be aware that saved passwords and cookies saved in one mode will not apply to pages when you switch modes as they are stored in whatever browser you are accessing the page with at the time they are saved.



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