Applications not visible in RD Web even though they have been published


Applications not visible in RD Web even though they have been published

There are two likely reasons for this.

1.        The RDWEB/Gateway computer is not in the Windows Authorization Access Group

If you have never managed to get your applications to appear in RD web then try this first.

2.        The WMI security has changed on the Session Host server where the applications are published. To verify this do the following:


·          Start the WmiMgmt.msc MMC snap-in.

·          Right-click the WMI Control node and then click Properties.

·          Click the Security tab, click Root , click CIMV2 , and then click TerminalServices.

·          Select the TerminalServices node, and click Security.

·          Click Add, type inside the object name for the "TS Web Access Computers" local security group, and then click OK : <server machine name> \ TS Web Access Computers

·          In the list of the Permission check boxes, click to select the Execute Methods, Enable Account, and Remote Enable check boxes.

·          Click OK, and then close the Properties dialog box for TerminalServices.



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